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After over 30 years’ experience in DJ entertainment in Brisbane, we find that many clients who saw us at discos, events and school & uni dances in the 70s, 80’s & 90’s, are now parents themselves and, remembering, seek to book us for their kids birthday parties and primary school discos.

They want something different compared to the traditional kids party entertainment - fairies, clowns, ponies, jumping castles - something to suit a wider variety of ages, yet with similar cost.

We put on Hi-energy, performance-based shows, with a high degree of audience participation - DJs who can connect with and relate to kids of all ages, prep to teen, mindful of the various stages of their development.

For young kids, we wear lots of silly hats and wigs, do lots of mic work, get  the kids to dance, jump, cheer and sing loudly, dance comps every 10-15 mins (kids will do anything for chippies or chocolate!) and lead them in the various method dances - YMCA, Macarena, Nutbush, Twist etc. For older kids, we include a higher content of top40, techno, hip hop, cool moves and stuff!

As the kids dance a lot, we suggest you have lots of drinks but only a small amount of snack food out to start. Then have a Feature Food every half hour - sausage rolls, cheerios, mini pizza slices, nuggets, maybe ice blocks later. It gives the kids breaks and something extra to look forward to. Don’t forget the Freddos for Prizes!

Unlike other kids entertainment, where there is usually a lot of one-on-one time, eg, fairies & facepainting, our shows keep the kids’ attention the whole time, in one place. You can include a party game or two towards the end and the tired kids go home straight to bed!

Clients tell us our kids disco parties are more fun, less work, with less wastage and they save money on food, costumes and decorations - the light show does all the decorating for them. It’s even good exercise for the kids. They often invite other parents to stay and have their own grown-up party/BBQ at the back. They can join in with the kids when they want and it’s usually the parents who don’t want to go home!!

Package1 below is designed for fairly small spaces like a lounge room while Packages 2 & 3 are suitable for 15 to 60 children in a rumpus room, garage or deck at home or in a small hall. Extras like video screens, karaoke/sing-star, lasers, Intell Lighting, radio-style comperes, lighting cans and big PAs are available at extra cost for your party. (Also dances, fetes and large functions up to 5,000 people.) 


We can offer you a choice of Packages to suit Kids Parties:

    1. Mini Disco w. 1 x disco Fx - $275 up to four Hours
    2. Basic DJ w. Mirror Ball & Fx - $385 up to four Hours
    3. Basic DJ w. Full Disco Fx Truss (“Mobile Disco”) - Add $220

BlueCard No. 873053/1


Break the Ice
Circle - start w. Name, Favourite Colour & Pop Artist

Party Game Idea
Conga Line
Locomotion Conga - follow leader, copy actions
Knights, Mounts, Cavaliers
Lap-Sitting Competition - whole group
Music Capt Feathersword/Simon Says - swab deck
Musical Chairs & Variations
Musical Islands - newspaper squares smaller ea time
Musical Statues
Turkey Turkey Goose
Pass Parcel
Straight Prize for young kids
Truth or Dare for older kids
Quiz or Physical Challenge for prize

Team Games
 Wool Thread Relay - thru shirt, vertical then horizontal
Orange under Chin Relay
Pass the Balloon Relay - knees then chin
Flap the Fish - blow along paper fish
Egg & Spoon Relay
Blow up Balloon Relay - one per person
Mummy Wrap - Toilet paper w/o breaking, pairs
Human Noughts & Crosses - colour hats, sit in place
Chinese Whispers
Treasure Hunt (clues)
Icelandic Fish Dance Song - “walking on the sun”
Key Game - circle, “It” tries to guess who has “key” holder pass it on w/o getting caught.        

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BlueCard No. 873053/1 

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